About Me:

My University of Wyoming website is http://uwyo.edu/sward. You can find my bio there.

Post your own images:

Upload images of YOUR favorite coffee cups! I’ll  post them in a special section.

I believe the only way to do this is via email to sward@uwyo.edu. Please make the subject line “coffeecups” or “for upload to coffeecups blog.” Try doing it as a comment though–I’m not sure whether this will work, at least n ot as of this writing.

(I am open to advice as to how this can be done.)

The Name Coffeecups:

I decided to change the name of my blog on Posterous.com to Coffecups on International Coffee Day (Sept. 29). In part, it is in homage to the late Haim Hefer who died on September 18 2012, from whom, it could be said, I learned the recipe for “the drink of kings” מלאכת משקה המלכים (although unlike the Palmahniks in Hefer’s lyrics, I drink mine without sugar). There is irony here; the Biblical mashke ha-melekh, I Kings 10:21 and 2 Chronicles 9:20, and similar references to royal drinking, e.g., in Esther, do not refer to coffee.

It’s an experimental name–I figured it is non-political, non-limiting and may give the impression that the pieces I post on the web were crafted or at least posted while I was drinking coffee, which often would be true.

Interestingly, China has a National Coffee Day in early April, observed according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar–even though I did not find much of a coffee culture in China and I cannot find the actual lunar calendar date or the day on which it falls this year. When I was there this summer usually it was impossible to get good coffee except for Starbucks. I had a coffee in the McDonald’s in the Shanghai Pudong Airport, which was very much American style coffee, although not good at all.


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