Middle East and Israel in Film University of Wyoming 2012 Class Awards

In preparation for my 2017 Middle East and Israel in Film class awards, I am posting the list from the 2012 version of the class. This was before these awards were named the “Torrys” in memory of our colleague Robert Torry. 


Middle East and Israel in Film University of Wyoming 2012 Class Awards (“Oscars”)

Categories and Nominees
Winners are underlined


Most accurate historically 
Wedding Song
Paradise Now
Lawrence of Arabia
Waltz with Bashir

Best Picture
Lawrence of Arabia
Paradise Now

Most Heartwrenching  Scene
Convicts eating citron – Ushpizin
Bathhouse Scene Wedding Song
Loss of child scene Yakubian Building

Most Gutwrentching Scene
Strangulation Scene Yakubian
Shooting Scene Yakubian

Best couple
Kazablan and Rachel
Malli and Moshe–Ushpizin
Yakubian Building
Hanna Rovina and Alexander Penn

Best use of silence and/or music
Waltz with bashir
Paradise Now
No One knows about  Persian Cats
Arab Labor

Best Female Character
Marjane in Persepolis
Busaina in Yacoubian Building
Rachel in Kazablan
Zahra in Soraya M
Grandmother in Persepolis
Mali Ushpizin
Soraya herself in stoning of Soraya M.

Best Villain
Shoemaker “Goulash”–Kazablan
Malik in Yacouibian
Ali husband of Soraya M
Dawlat – Yacoubian Building
Phalangist from Lebanon

Best Hero
Zaki Pasha (Yacoubian Building)
French Reporter in Soraya M.
Said from Paradise Now
Tarik from For my Father
Grandfather from Arab Labor

Best “Muslim” Movie
Persian Cats


Muhammad the Last Prophet

Paradise Now

Best Israeli Movie

Waltz With Bashir







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