My friend and co-board member of the Society for Crypto Jewish Studies and editor of its newsletter La Granada, Debby Wohl Isard, sent me the Uncle Jed’s Barbershop announcement. I am happy to repost it here.

This is lightly edited from what she wrote me about the piece:

My brother David Wohl is the composer for “Uncle Jed’s Barbershop” opening this weekend for a limited time run in Denver.

The storyline may be based on events within an African-American family, yet the encompassing theme is one of TESHUVAH, returning and repairing. Great music representing several decades situates scenes in time and carries the show through its narrative. Ken Primus, whom you may recall as the Broadway original character ‘Old Deuteronomy’ from CATS plays the lead. It is a treat to be in his presence and hear him on stage as Uncle Jed.

The official press-release is attached and you can find more about the show on Facebook through FB page, set up in the name of the show.

I urge you to get tickets soon and even inquire about group sales for your choir members. Also, on a personal note, if you know anybody who knows somebody in the theatrical production business, please share this with them. This show is Broadway bound as soon as they have the means to take it there….


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