On the Large Stones of Parashat Ki Tavo; a yahrtzeit talk.

This is a talk given at EDOS Aug. 30 2015 in memory of my late father, Aba Ward (1918-2010), whose yahrtzeit occured that evening. It is mostly a summary of remarks by Dr. Rabbi Moshe Pinchuk, in his book Kankanim. The images of dad are from a visit to Warsaw, with my wife, brother and niece, and with Rabbi Schudrich; from a family reunion with my mother (ad meah ve-esrim), and another photo of him alone.

The “large stones” are the kind of project he would have liked: a large, very visible symbol of Jewish learning that would be easily accessible to all Israel, and reflect commitments to various types of broad, Jewish education.

May his memory be bound up in the binds of life.

Kankanim, by Moshe Pinchuk

Kankanim, by Moshe Pinchuk

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