2015 Wyoming Humanities Council: Seth Ward’s Humanities Forum Topics

2015 Humanities Forum Topics

Presenter: SETH WARD

Women in Judaism and Islam

Women’s roles have undergone dramatic changes in the past decades throughout the world, but women’s status issues remain controversial in many traditional religious societies. This talk will look at a selection of problems and developments in Muslim and Jewish communities, including issues of education, leadership, honor killing and female genital cutting, legal testimony, marriage and divorce, military service and much more.

Understanding the Middle East

Every week brings news from the Middle East. Conflicts seem never-ending. Democracy and human rights appear challenged. Violence grows ever more vicious. This forum will attempt to provide perspective on such issues as sunnis vs. shias, extremists vs. moderates, “religious” vs. “secular”, traditional tribal vs. modern national values, and conflict between Muslims, Christians, Jews and other religious groups and subgroups – all necessary to be an informed participant in debates about our roles in the region.

Middle East and Israel in Film

Films can provide a window into the deepest issues in the Middle East and Israel. This presentation requires equipment to show film clips which lend themselves to lively discussions

The presenter: Seth teaches Islamic history and religion at the University of Wyoming. He received his PhD in Near Eastern languages and literature from Yale University.

Contact: (303) 981-7561, (307) 766 9273, sward

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