University of Colorado–Colorado Springs Sephardic and Crypto-Jewish Studies Program

Seth Ward

Dr. Seth Ward visits the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs to speak as the  inaugural 2013-14 Research Fellow for the UCCS Sephardic and Crypto-Jewish Studies Program. Here Ward is pictured with the entire class. Go to the facebook link for the rest of the photos, including photos with Dr. Roger Martinez, director of the Program, and students with professional or research roles with the Program.

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Lecture Abstract:

“Crypto-Judaism as Intercultural Relations:

Tensions and Tolerance in Articulating Iberian Heritage”

Dr. Seth Ward

Department of Religious Studies at University of Wyoming

Wednesday (April 23, 2013)  at 1:40 pm, Columbine Hall 317.

Dr. Ward is the UCCS Sephardic and Crypto-Jewish Studies Program’s

2013-14 Research Fellow

In the last three decades, many persons of Spanish ancestry have come to see themselves as “Crypto-Jews” or at least descendants of Jews. In some cases they cite Jewish traditions in their families, or some preserved sense of Jewish identity, or identify entirely as Jews. Ward will offer general comments about approaching this phenomenon, especially in the United States, and its components and development over the past decades. The emergence of a community based on shared interest in Sephardic and Crypto-Jewish heritage has not been without tensions and debates about who belongs or should belong, and about authenticity. The talk will briefly touch upon aspects of accepting, rejecting, tolerating, articulating, and embracing various aspects of a real or imagined Jewish or Spanish / Iberian heritage, and defining what is for some an intercultural identity based both on a Spanish and Jewish past.

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  1. says:

    Hi, I heard a woman speak in San Miguel in early February. And we will be in Colorado next week and would like to visit the center. How far is it from Boulder? Also can you send me her
    contact information. She had dark hair, middle range height, middle aged….My name is Dvorah Telushkin and my husband is Rabbi Telushkin. She will remember us. We were visiting San Miguel Mexico for a Shabbes. Thank you so much, Dvorah Telushkin 917-327-4117

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