Unfortunately, Posterous is shutting down at the end of April. I have copied all my Posterous posts to https://drsethward.wordpress.com. I have reserved some other spaces, and ultimately will probably also copy much of the material to various places within http://uwyo.edu/sward. I am not sure whether WordPress or UWYO or anything else will be the long term solution.

The copying process copied a few posts that I had already copied “manually” in order to familiarize myself with the system–so there may be newer and older versions of the same post! In some cases, the more recent version also has updates and corrections.

Some of the WordPress posts link to files that Posterous had “housed in the cloud,” that may not survive the end of Posterous, and some of the posts have been or will be modified to address that issue—and sometimes updated in the process.

Thanks for your interest in my writings.

Seth Ward

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