More Papers and Essays from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Papers, Publications and Essays by Seth Ward

From the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

I discovered recently that some of my articles and essays archived on my computer are either unreadable in the current computer environment or were completely compromised. Here are links from the Wayback Machine on

By: Dr. Seth Ward

·  The Battles of Kosovo as National Narrative

·  Does Judaism have a Catechism?

·  Are Hamantaschen like communion wafers or Christmas Cookies? Inpraxation and a Jewish Typology for food

·  Crypto-Judaism in the U.S. Southwest

·  Sephardim and Crypto-Jews: A Definition of Terms

·  On the origin of the term "Sepharad"

·  The Presentation of Jesus: Jewish Perspectives on Luke 2:22f.

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